Misophonia can be Isolating and Frustrating.
We’re Here to help.

Misophonia is a neurological disorder which causes sufferers to have severe reactions to seemingly normal sounds and sights, such as eating noises, tapping, pen clicking, and many more daily experiences.

There often seems to be little support and understanding in the world for misophones, people who have misophonia. It’s difficult to talk about it with friends, family, or our employers because we are often dismissed, ignored, or ridiculed. Misophonia makes little sense to others.

soQuiet is here to change that.

We are a voice for education. Information is the cornerstone of understanding.
We are a voice for advocacy. Having the support of others makes serenity and success possible.
We are a voice for assistance. We help misophones worldwide build productive and pleasant lives.

What Next?

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